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Surprise! You’ve Got Money! RE: Retirement 18 Years’ Worth of Days Bridging the Confidence Gap Perception vs. Reality The Facts About Income Tax Exit Strategies of the Rich and Famous The Cost of Procrastination Social Security: By the Numbers Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart When Do You Need a Will? Should You Tap Retirement Savings to Fund College?

Investment and tax strategies used to accumulate wealth are inherently different than those used to distribute wealth. Like a good recipe, the magic is in the mix

Retirement Planning<br /><br />

Retirement Planning

Aspirations, Goals, Values:
Let's paint a picture

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Tax Planning, Pre- and Post-Retirement&#160;

Tax Planning, Pre- and Post-Retirement 

Tax Planning is a Crucial Element that Impacts Your Financial Situation Yearly

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Wealth Management<br /><br />

Wealth Management

Academic Driven, Process Focused, and Not Motivated by Products

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Estate and Elder Care<br /><br />

Estate and Elder Care

Coordination of All of Your Assets is a Necessary Step

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Anthony Bartlett and his team's approach is different from other financial planners.  We believe that planning for saving and investing for growth (accumulating wealth) for the future purchase of a home, college tuition, vacations, emergencies, and for retirement is key. However, it is equally important to strategize for distributing those savings based on what is needed in the short term, years one through five, five years after that, and into the future.  We like to think of it as putting aside money into separate buckets for each phase of your retirement journey to ensure that what you need is there for you when you need it.

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Understanding Social Security

Strategizing Social Security benefits is critically important, as benefits can be 20% - 50% of the total income for middle income, married couples. It is key to consider when you start to collect Social Security benefits. Can you delay receiving benefits or do you need to collect now? Can you wait to let your benefits grow to a larger amount or should you apply early and collect for a longer period of time?

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Helping Clients Invest In Their Financial Dreams

Helping Clients Invest In Their Financial Dreams

With something as personal as your finances, it’s important to work with an advisor you trust and with whom you want to work for the long-term. After all, building a financial plan is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing process that requires adjustments as your life or goals change. At Bartlett Wealth Management, we want to fill this role in your life. We welcome the opportunity to guide you along your financial path. Contact us to take the first step. 

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