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Bartlett Wealth Management Worcester Team

Bartlett Wealth Management Worcester Team

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.

Anthony Bartlett

Founder, CEO

(774) 420-7574

(508) 546-8111

I have been a financial planner since 1991 and have always been a creative thinker who likes to think “outside the box.” I am passionate about the fact that people need to know! Know about the many ways they can put money...

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Dylan Martino

Project Manager and Head of IT

(774) 420-7573


Paulette Roy-Tata

Executive Administrative Assistant



Paulette began working at Bartlett Wealth Management in April of 2019. She comes from a 30 year career in banking and finance. She manages the Bartlett Wealth office, maintains appointments and schedules, and handles general information.

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