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Retirement Planning

What are your aspirations, dreams, and goals for your future?

When do you ideally want to retire?

Can you “paint a picture” for me of what your first 12 months in retirement look like? 24 months? 10 years?

What values do you want your children to acquire from you?

What health issues or family medical history may impact financial needs as you get older?

These are just some of the profound questions we discuss with our clients at the very beginning of our relationship. There will be more questions and discussions, because these conversations help us navigate the countless variables that influence the course of you and your family’s financial future. We will talk about Social Security and select the best claiming strategy for you so that you get the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

Retirement planning is much more than the planning you do to prepare for your life after your work career ends. We work with our clients to strategically plan for retirement by identifying all sources of income, estimating living expenses, as well as those that may be needed for anticipated and un-anticipated medical care. We create a savings and investment program that manages your assets while you are working and during retirement.

The strategic plan we develop includes non-financial facets as well. Where do you want to live? When do you want to stop working full-time? Will you want to work part-time? How do you want to spend your time in retirement? Most important will be planning the distribution of your assets to provide income for the first five years of retirement … the next six to ten years … the next eleven to fifteen years … and the years after that … to make sure each “bucket” has sufficient money to support your lifestyle for each phase of your retirement.


YEARS 6-10

YEARS 11-15

YEARS 16 +

Retirement Distribution Strategy

A strategy for taking a monthly income from your investments is crucial in planning for anticipated and un-anticipated expenses during your pre-retirement and retirement years. Without one, you run the risk of living longer than your savings. At  Bartlett Wealth Management our planned approach to retirement distribution is to arrange your portfolio into separate “buckets,” each with an investment strategy of its own to meet the needs during each specific phase of your retirement.